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Logo Design

Logo Design

Get a professionally custom-designed logo that is uniquely crafted for your brand, not generated by AI or templates.

In today’s digital age, it’s easy to find logo AI designing options or software that promise quick, generic designs – but the results often lack the quality and personal touch your brand deserves. With my logo design service, you’ll collaborate directly with a dedicated designer who will craft a custom logo tailored to your vision and needs. No AI, no automated software or templates – just genuine creativity and expertise. You’ll receive high-quality files ready for use across various mediums, ensuring your logo stands out and makes a lasting impression.

Do You Need a new logo?

If you answer yes to more than one question below, then you probobly need a logo for your business.

  • Does your business currently have a recognizable visual identity, such as a logo, that sets it apart from competitors?
  • Are you looking to establish a strong and memorable brand presence in the marketplace?
  • Do you want to create a professional image for your business that resonates with your target audience?
  • Are you planning to launch new products or services and need a cohesive branding strategy to accompany them?
  • Are you seeking to improve brand recognition and recall among potential customers?
  • Do you want to convey your business’s values, personality, and mission through visual elements?

What I Can Help You With

Custom Logo Design

Enhance your brand’s identity with my Custom Logo Design service. From concept to creation, I will work closely with you to bring your logo vision to life, crafting a unique and memorable design that perfectly represents your brand.

Starts at $199

Logo Redesign

Already have a logo you love but you just want to revamp it? I can offer a fresh perspective on your existing logo design. Whether it’s modernizing outdated elements, refining typography, or incorporating new visual elements, I will redesign it while preserving its essence and brand recognition. 

Starts at $199

Logo Vectorization

Do you have a low resolution logo that you need vectorized? Allow me to transform your low-resolution logo into high-quality, scalable vector files. I will trace your logo with precision and clarity. Don’t compromise your business branding with a low quality rendition!

$25 Per Hour Rate

Why Work With Me?

Custom Work

All logos are created with love and completely to your vision.


Quick Turnaround

Most logo design projects take 2-4 days! It’s always great work, fast!


Down to earth Service

Experienced! Dedicated! Passionate! Serving is crucial. You will always be treated with kindness.

Book your free 30 Minute Consultation


What is the cost for a logo?

I have a variety of logo packages and they start at $199. Feel free to book a consultation with me that way we can see what package is best for you. Book a free (no obligation) consultation for more information on packages and cost.

How can i get started with you?

To get started, please book a free consultation with me. This consultation is 30 minutes long and we will go over all the information you are seeking and we can find out where I can help you best.