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Boost your business with SEO Optimization services to rank in your local market and attract more customers!

The What

Local SEO services are the secret sauce to getting your business noticed by customers in your local area.  I specialize in optimizing your online presence to ensure your business appears prominently in local search results.

From optimizing your Google My Business listing to crafting location-specific content, I can help you shine bright in your neighborhood, attracting more foot traffic and boosting your online visibility.

Do You Need SEO?

If you answer yes to more than one question below, then you probobly need a Local SEO service for your business.

  • Are you a brick-and-mortar business looking to attract more foot traffic to your physical location?
  • Do you serve customers within a specific geographic area or target market?
  • Are you struggling to rank well in local search results, particularly on platforms like Google Maps?
  • Would you like to increase your online visibility among local customers searching for products or services like yours?
  • Are you interested in optimizing your website and online presence to outrank competitors in your local area?
  • Do you want to leverage the power of local search to drive more qualified leads and conversions for your business?

What I Can Help You With

On-Page SEO

Make your website visible and improve performance with my On-Page SEO service. I can improve your website, ensuring it is fully optimized for search engines and user experience. From keyword research and meta tag optimization to content enhancements and internal linking, I will fine-tune every aspect of each web page on your website to boost your rankings and drive organic traffic to your site.

$25 Per Hour Rate

Local SEO Strategy & Planning

If you are a new local business I can help you by creating a Local SEO strategy and Plan to rank higher on Google. Let’s analyze your target market, competitors, and local trends to develop a customized strategy focused on maximizing your online visibility. With a meticulous approach, I can ensure your business stands out in local searches, attracting more customers or clients to your business.

SEO Plan | Only $99


Unlock the full potential of your local business with a comprehensive Full Local SEO service. Combining the power of On-Page SEO optimization,  Local SEO strategy & planning, content creation, and  management, I can ensure your business shines brightly in local searches. This is great for businesses that want the full force of Local SEO!

Starting at $199 per month

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Do you wanna learn more about what Local SEO is and why it is important for your business? Do you wanna start your SEO journey but don’t know what tools to use? Then this guide is for you and it is free to download. Just enter your name and email below and I will send it to your inbox.


What is the cost for Local SEO?

I have a variety of Local SEO packages available for different business marketing budgets. Cost will depend on what you are seeking from your SEO as a business and requires a consultation that way we can see what package is best for you. Book a free (no obligation) consultation for more information on packages and cost.

What Local SEO service is right for me?

Looking at the section above under “What I Can Help You With” is a great way to see what you might need for your business. Some businesses only need one service, while others need a full comprehensive package with on-page SEO, strategy & planning, content creation, and management. It also depends on your marketing budget. Start thinking about where you absolutely need help!

How can i get started with you?

To get started, please book a free consultation with me. This consultation is 30 minutes long and we will go over all the information you are seeking and we can find out where I can help you best.